ABASI Dance Lab

ABASI Dance Lab is the first Applied Behavior Analysis sports facility and a branch of the prestigious ABA Sports Innovations (ABASI).

Musical Theater Intensive Training

Scientific lessons for competition dancers

Scientific lessons for special needs Dancers

Musical Theater Intensive Training

Due to Dr. Quinn’s professional experience as a musical theater performer, choreographer, and local and state Thespian judge, many students came to ADL seeking musical theater training. ADL is now one of the top studios in Tampa to provide training for musical theater trainees looking to either enhance their skills for auditions for shows, or train for acceptance into conservatories to obtain their BFA.


Scientific lessons for competition dancers

Dr. Mallory Quinn created ABASI Dance Lab in 2016 as a way to provide competition dancers scientific and data based training on their technique, based upon her published research during graduate school. What started as a simple private lesson training facility has now evolved to so much more!


Scientific lessons for dancers with special needs

In addition, Dr. Quinn provides specialized ABA therapy with dance for students with special needs. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Quinn has worked as a therapist with clients with Autism and special needs for many years as well as adult dancers with special needs and wheelchair dancers. Dr. Quinn understands that dancers with Autism have specific needs in addition to the achievement of steps. Students with Autism will learn dance, and in addition adapt essential skills to succeed in their lessons and beyond the dance class. With the goal of integration and inclusion, data will be provided each step of the way on improvement of dance and social outcomes.


We are the Only Facility in the U.S. Offering These Trainings

You will not find another facility in Tampa, Florida, or the United States using these innovative methods developed by our company founder and published in multiple scientific journals.