Total Body

Our various class offerings will strengthen and engage both mind and body. We are here to help you achieve your physical fitness goals while being kind to your mind during your journey.


We have cultivated an engaging studio culture based on positivity and inclusivity. Our clients are our family and we aim to make Kinetic Soul a safe space to enjoy your practice.

Music Driven

Music is your metronome! Our workouts rooted in dance and rhythm will keep your reps accountable and help guide you through your workout.


The Kinetic Soul formula involves a variety of the best workouts available to tone your body, express yourself creatively and most importantly tap into your mind and soul to be your best self when you walk out of our doors.



Our yoga classes provide an hour of blissful stretching and connection to your inner source of empowerment. Flow Yoga will provide a caloric burn with an energetic movement through poses, while Gentle Yoga focus on slower movement, holding positions for extended periods of time. Our yoga classes offer great recovery from intense exercise and athletic training, and allow you to relax and connect with your breath. Arrive at the end of class with a traditional Savasana meditation and deeply connect with mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Classes:

Gentle Yoga – Get Grounded

This practice provides a full body stretch with relaxing music to help ease your stress. Classes may include aromatherapy, breathwork, gentle movement, long held postures, and partially or fully supported postures.

Power Yoga – Discover Your Strength

Feel strong in your body with this energizing practice. Classes may move at a faster pace for cardio benefits or slower with postures held to increase strength, and may include arm balances and inversions with variations provided for all levels.

Yoga Flow 1 – Slow and Low Flow 

Great for beginners or anyone who likes to take their time. Moving with breath, lots of instructions will be provided with modifications available for all levels. No arm balances or inversions.

Yoga Flow 2 – Rise Up Flow

Perfect for when you want to challenge yourself. This class moves a faster pace with opportunities to explore peak poses, arm balances, or inversions. Modifications will be provided for all levels.

HIIT Sculpt and Flow 

A fast paced, yoga inspired flow with challenging HIIT sequences.

Yoga: Active Recovery Stretch and Restore

A yoga class with low-intensity sequences in conjunction with deep stretching to help reduce inflammation, soreness and tightness within the muscles. The latter part of the class will be a restorative practice to sooth the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting deep rest and relaxation. The perfect class to end your week!



This challenging and high-energy class will keep your heart rate elevated with plyometric power intervals of sprints and choreographed routines on a mini trampoline. Set to upbeat music, our energetic instructors will have you sweating and shaking, as you alternate between isometric muscle work at the barre and cardio-focused movements on your trampoline. The g-force produced from bouncing helps build muscle while burning fat, leaving our clients with a 400-500 calorie burn in this 45-minute class. Connect with your inner child, but don’t get it twisted, this is hard work! (Cookie and juice box not included).


Tone and strengthen your body in this effective class that is focused on small isometric muscle contractions. We’ll use various props in this class to add resistance, leaving you sweating and shaking (minus the high-impact body stress). Led with high-energy music, this class will strengthen and tone your core, glutes, legs, and arms with the goal of producing long, lean muscles. 


Our dance classes will leave you sweating with a smile as we fuse musical rhythm and choreographed dance moves to create this dynamic workout! Our dance classes focus on self-love and bodily expression through movement. Tap into your creative side and maintain your skills in our technique classes — or have an all-out dance party in our dance cardio classes. Follow our high-energy instructors through heart racing, full-body dance routines. Similar to our other cardio classes, our participants burn 400-500 calories in just 45 minutes! Moving to music allows your mind to relax while your body is in constant motion.