Teacher trainings

Our studio is proud to provide state of the art teacher trainings in yoga, barre, and for kids classes. Our teachers not only learn an incredible skill set to teach fantastic classes and become certified, but possess the confidence to become employable in studios or for their own personal business. 

Many of our trainees have gone on to run successful fitness studios, become lead teachers at fitness facilities, or even join our Kinetic Soul family as instructors. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there! Email us at info@kineticsoulstudio.com for more info or to register.

Yoga Teacher Training

Some of us want a yoga teacher certification, while others just want to learn more about the ancient science that makes us feel better. Whatever your intention is, learn if our yoga teacher training is right for you. Ashley from The Other Side of the Mat is our trainer.

Our next training date is coming up, beginning on January 08, 2021 with the following session dates and times:

 Friday training sessions are from 6-9 pm and Saturdays and Sundays are from 12-6 pm every other weekend.
January 2021
8, 9, 10
22, 23, 24
February 2021
5, 6, 7
19, 20, 21
March 2021
5, 6, 7
19, 20, 21
April 2021
2, 3, 4
16, 17, 18
May 2021
14, 15, 16
28, 29, 30
June 2021
11, 12, 13 Graduation 
The cost of the training is $3200. Payment plans are flexible, however tuition must be paid off by the conclusion of the training (June 11, 2021). There is a $500 deposit to secure your spot in the program.

Barre Teacher Training

Have you always dreamed of being behind the mic and leading your own barre fitness class? Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding our new barre training curriculum which will train you to become a certified barre instructor in our program with support including choreography options, music playlists, etc.  


Our next training date to be announced. Please follow us on social media and/or check back here for latest annoucements.