Teacher trainings


Our studio is proud to provide state of the art teacher trainings in yoga, barre, bounce and for kids classes. Our teachers not only learn an incredible skill set to teach fantastic classes and become certified, but possess the confidence to become employable in studios or for their own personal business. 


Many of our trainees have gone on to run successful fitness studios, become lead teachers at fitness facilities, or even join our Kinetic Soul family as instructors. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there! Email us at [email protected] for more info or to register.

Yoga Teacher Training

Some of us want a yoga teacher certification, while others just want to learn more about the ancient science that makes us feel better. Whatever your intention is, learn if our yoga teacher training is right for you.  

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training is with Kim Denham E-RYT 500 and Lois Waite E-RYT 500.

Our 200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and philosophical teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. While the curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is hands-on and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your personal practice and your teaching skills. The training is specifically designed to help you:

  • Advance your study of asana (including proper alignment, benefits, and contraindications of the physical postures)
  • Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics
  • Explore the science and art of sequencing
  • Learn and practice the subtle art of adjustments
  • See and interpret how energy moves through the body
  • Use props to improve or modify a posture
  • Cultivate your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual
  • Build confidence through practice teaching
  • Gain a broader understanding of yoga history and philosophy
  • Learn and define the Sanskrit names of postures
  • Get creative and have fun!

2024 Kinetic Soul Yoga Teacher Training

Trainings days and hours:

  • Saturdays & Sundays: 10:30AM-4:00PM

Every other weekend on the following weekends:

  • March 23 – 24
  • April 6 – 7
  • April 20 – 21
  • May 4 – 5
  • May 18 – 19
  • June 1 – 2
  • June 8 – 9
  • June 22 – 23
  • July 13 – 14
  • July 27 – 28
  • August 10 – 11
  • August 24 – 25


  • Cost of Training: $2,500
  • Early Bird Price: $2,200 (Enroll by January 1st)
  • Free Yoga while in training
  • Payment Options Available
  • $300 deposit (Non- Refundable)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified


  • Kinetic Soul Studio located at 11961 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33626
  • Online via Zoom for virtual students 

Please click the link to fill out online application form to apply, or contact us if any questions!

Kinetic Soul House of Yoga Teacher Training

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of yoga and advance their skills with confidence. It will teach bio-mechanical alignment, anatomy, yoga philosophy, advanced classical yoga literature, self-care, theming, assisting, serving different populations, the refined teaching of pranayama, bandhas, mantra, subtle energy, planning and creative sequencing of classes, qualities of voice, hands-on adjustments, ethics in teaching, the profession and business of yoga, and many other topics.


Training includes the following: 

Practicum and Final Project: 30 Hours 

Seva Yoga Project 10 Hours: Community outreach of your own choosing. 

Attending/Observing Yoga Classes: 20 Hours 


Focused immersions in the following yoga techniques: 

Advanced Meditation

Children/Teen/Toddler Yoga

Yin Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga

Advanced Yoga Philosophy 

Creative Sequencing and Theming 

Creating a SEVA (community) project 

Yoga for Athletes

Applied Anatomy & Biomechanics of Movement

Advanced Assisting & Hands-on Healing

Creating & Sustaining a Mindful Yoga Business


Yoga Teacher Training


Pre-requisites: All applicants must be 200-hour certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. You need to be a passionate and willing seeker of growth personally and professionally.


Are books and materials included in the price of the training? 

Upon acceptance to the training, you will be given a book/reading list for the training. These books are NOT covered in the cost of the training. You will be told what, if any, books are required for each module. All printed materials handed out during the training are included.


Are Yoga classes included?
Yoga classes are included at no additional cost. We expect that students will maintain a regular yoga practice.


Certification Requirements

Completing this teacher training will qualify you for a 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certification. To be eligible for this qualification, you must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 90% of offered training hours. It is our responsibility to attend all sessions to comply with Yoga Alliance Certification requirements. We encourage you to set your schedule and attend all the modules. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every conflict. If a conflict comes up, please contact Kim Denham. as soon as possible, to plan to make up time that will be missed. We will be offering one 300-hour training per year at Kinetic Soul, you can make up the missed module at the next training.
  2. Video recording will be available if you are absent, you will be responsible for the material missed. A written summary of each video is required upon completion.
  3. Submit all assigned homework, which will be drawn from a provided reading list.
  4. Complete relevant sadhanas (personal practices) that will be given as practicum hours.
  5. Complete the test that will be given at the completion of the 300 hours.
  6. Complete all assignments including the Seva community outreach project.

Who are the teachers?

Kim Denham 500 E-RYT, 85-ERYT, YACEP

Kim is an experienced yoga teacher serving the Tampa Bay area for over a decade, established as a “teacher’s teacher” Kim’s playful personality and focused intelligence brings depth, clarity, and exuberance to her classes. A committed student of yoga and movement for over 30 years, Kim continues to bring her passion and curiosity, love of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation, and classical philosophy into her teachings. As a professionally trained classical/modern dancer Kim brings a high level of creativity and energy into every class she teaches. Kim is the lead trainer at Kinetic Soul.

Lois Waite 500-RYT

Lois began practicing yoga over a decade ago. A former competitive triathlete, du-athlete, and long-distance runner, she found yoga to be a great compliment to her training. Her goal is to be a compassionate teacher that serves her students and teaches them that yoga is much more than exercise, it is a way of life. Lois is the co-teacher at Kinetic Soul’s teacher training programs.

Mallory Quinn 500- ERYT

Mallory Quinn holds a doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida and is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. She has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over a decade and worked as an instructor at the University of South Florida for multiple ABA courses during her time in the graduate program. Her company ABA Sports Innovations (www.abasportsinnovations.com), uses the science of ABA to train athletes more effectively, and teaches and certifies other sports coaches and behavior analysts to use her trademarked method. She is the owner of Kinetic Soul and ABASI dance lab and is dedicated to offering high quality fitness trainings to the Tampa Bay community.

In addition to the above trainers, Kinetic Soul faculty will be facilitating trainings in their specific fields.

Trainings days and hours:

  • Fridays: 6:00PM -9:00PM
  • Saturdays: 9:00AM-6:00PM
  • Sundays:  9:00AM-5:00PM


For more info contact us by clicking the link below


  • Cost of Training: 3,000.00
  • Early Bird price: 2,800.00
    (Enroll by January 1st)
  • Payment Options Available
  • $500 deposit required to reserve your spot 


  • Kinetic Soul Studio located at 11961 Sheldon Road, Tampa FL 33626
  • Online via Zoom for virtual students 

Please click the link to fill out online application form to apply, or contact us if any questions!

Have you always dreamed of being behind the mic and leading your own barre fitness class? Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding our new barre training curriculum which will train you to become a certified barre instructor in our program with support including choreography options, music playlists, etc.  

Our next training date to be announced. Please follow us on social media and/or check back here for latest annoucements.

2023 DATES:
Contact us for more information by clicking the link below
Cost: $450

Barre Teacher Training

85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga Alliance Registered


2023 Training Dates:  January 14-15 and January 28-29

In addition to the above weekend hours, you will have additional class observation hours, prenatal education requirements and mandatory homework assignments.

  • Learn how to support pregnant people during their journey into parenthood in this comprehensive, Yoga Alliance registered training in prenatal yoga, conscious birthing, and postnatal yoga with Kim Denham, E-RYT 500, RPYT.
  • Explore how to weave the great teachings of yoga seamlessly into Mother Nature’s blueprint, encouraging pregnant people to experience a more joy-filled pregnancy, empowered birth, and confident postnatal transition.
  • Through education, information, and participation you will learn how to help women understand more about pregnancy and be able to make conscious choices for their baby and themselves.
  • An expansive training manual will be provided, and students will be expected to complete homework assignments, including observation and practice teaching throughout.
  • Teachers will also find this training applicable to teaching restorative, infertility, chair, partner, beginning and seniors’ yoga.


10 hrs. of pre-recorded prenatal & postnatal yoga specialized classes you gain access to once you register and pay for training.

Online learning structure with hybrid option or in-person.


All weekends will be live-streamed and recorded. We will also offer opportunities to meet in-person, but you are not required to be in-person to complete this training. Any missed hours must be made up by watching the recordings. Homework includes doing a book report & presentation, pose lab exercises and sequencing. This can be done at your own pace and will be required to hand in, along with your final exam, to receive your certificate of completion.


$950  which Includes:

    • Full Training
    • Library of Prenatal & Postnatal classes
    • Training Manual

Training requirements

✓ Completed a 200-hour training program with a RYS 200

✓ Completed a 85-hour training program with a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYT)


Teaching hour requirements

✓ at least 30 hours of teaching experience in prenatal yoga since graduating from a RPYS.

 Teachers can register as a RPYT if they have successfully completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and an 85-hour prenatal yoga training that meet Yoga Alliance standards. Applicants must submit 30 teaching hours in prenatal yoga which must be completed after graduating from a RPYS (Registered Prenatal Yoga School).

Weekend Schedule EST:

  • Sat-Sun: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
    A general day will look like this:
    • Techniques and Methods
    • Anatomy
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Posture labs
    • Sample Prenatal class
    • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
    • Practice Teaching

Required Books:

  • The Yoga Birth Method by Dorothy Guerra
  • Preparing for a Gentle Birth: The Pelvis in Pregnancy

Please click the link to fill out online application form to apply, or contact us if any questions!

Bounce teacher training 

This 1 day teacher training will provide fitness instructors the necessary skills to teach dynamic, anatomically correct, and rhythm based trampoline (rebounding) classes. 

Rebounding classes have spiked in popularity in recent years for personal trainers as well as boutique studios due to their low impact on joints, and exciting cardiovascular and lymphatic system benefits. 

Currently, more than 3 studios locally offer rebounding classes and the popularity continues to grow. This training will include choreography breakdowns, class formatting, playlist creation, musicality training, and tips and tricks for hands on adjustments and verbal cue-ing to make a fantastic client experience.

Cost is $150. No refunds are provided. This training will be offered both in person and on Zoom. Participants will be provided opportunities to practice teach portions of class with feedback from our master trainer who has taught bounce for 3 years. This training is open to all however highly suggested for barre teachers, HIIT teachers, and personal trainers.

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Get certified to teach Kids Yoga with our 2 day in-person Kids Yoga Teacher training!

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